Press Release
February 24, 2020

Transcript of Interview with Senate Minority Leader Franklin Drilon

SFMD: What is important today is that a lot of issues were clarified, especially the opinion of the Secretary of Justice. He says there is a gap in the law. While it is pending here in Congress, he cites the rule of equity, meaning that ABS-CBN should be allowed to continue broadcasting until the franchise is approved or rejected. In effect, he said that it is best that the resolution that we filed be approved with instructions to the National Telecommunications Commission to issue a provisional authority.

Isang klarong lumabas ay pwedeng magpatuloy ang ABS-CBN sa pag-broadcast habang umiiral ang proseso sa pag-renew ng kanilang franchise. Iyan ang sinabi ng Secretary of Justice. There is a gap in the law as to whether or not the ABS-CBN can continue operating, but on equity grounds na ang ibig sabihin, justice dicates that ABS-CBN can continue until the franchise is approved or rejected. Although he also said that it is best that a joint resolution that is pending, and which we proposed, is acted upon, directing the NTC to issue a provision authority. My interpretation of his statement is that, even without the joint resolution ABS-CBN can continue to operate on the grounds of equity.

Q: Ano na yung progress ng joint resolution?

SFMD: The HoR, I understand, has started the process of renewal of the franchise itself. Here, the situation is that we will not report out the resolution until the HoR would act on the franchise. Again, the SOJ is in the opinion that on grounds of equity the ABS-CBN should be allowed to operate.

Q: Hindi ba shaky grounds iyon na pwedeng i-question sa SC?

SFMD: It's on shaky ground, especially given the fact that you only have March 30 or May 4 of this year before the franchise expires. It is on shaky grounds. I myself admit that there is a chilling effect dahil NTC lamang ang magbibigay ng provisional authority na ibig sabihin ay pwedeng i-withdraw anytime, especially that NTC is a quasi-judicial body under the xecutive department. That is why the ideal situation is, pass the joint resolution extending the franchise in order to allow an objective discussion on the application on the renewal of the franchise.

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