Press Release
February 28, 2020

On Anti-Terror Act

"WE at the Senate have been working hard to make our people feel safe in their homes and communities. The threat of nefarious individuals disrupting our peaceful lives is something that we all fear about, but is something that lawmakers can do something about. This measure seeks to do just this - to bring peace of mind and heart among Filipinos that they are safe from the menace of terrorists.

The approval by the Senate of the new Anti-Terror Act comes at the most opportune time as the government moves to strengthen its security forces in their determined fight against international and local terrorism. The measure guarantees that those who will be part of bringing terror among our people will be made accountable and punished for their actions, and we remain hopeful that the punitive and legal sanctions will discourage our people, especially the young, from giving up their freedoms and joining the cause of terrorist groups.

Let me also assure our friends and allies critical of the government that this measure cannot be used to harass and silence them. There are sufficient safeguards in the legislation that bars law enforcers from abusing the law and using it to persecute those who are perceived to be political enemies of the State.

I am confident that this measure will help make our country safe from global and local threats, and help make true our ultimate prayer of peace for our families and love ones."

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