Press Release
March 15, 2020


The implementation of a curfew in the national capital region will have unforeseen outcomes on the economy, delivery of public services, and the general welfare of the people, especially among the poor.

How will the government cushion its impact on the livelihood of workers who will be temporarily laid off because of business inactivity? What assistance can the government offer to small businesses which will be forced to shut down operations or operate in reduced hours?

These are among the questions that we hope can be answered by the proper authorities when the details of the curfew are put in place.

We urge the government's Price Council to make sure that basic food items and other supplies are readily available at fair value.

The limit to purchases should be imposed not only on alcohol, but also on essential items to avert hoarding and panic buying.

Food and water must be steadily available.

The DSWD, in coordination with local government units, should also be ready with relief packs, food, and water for distribution to the poorest of the poor.

As we seek cooperation from the people in making the curfew work we must also work double time to allay anxiety and make our citizens feel that the government is in control.

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