Press Release
April 1, 2020


Taking care of the elderly must be the top priority of every local government unit as we face the COVID-19 pandemic.

Restrained at home due to the enhanced community quarantine, senior citizens, especially those living on their own, should regularly receive food packs, potable water and essential supplies to sustain them for the quarantine period.

If they need medicines, like their maintenance drugs, someone from the barangay should buy these for them. Those who need check-ups or treatment should be given transportation by the local government unit to the hospital or clinic.

Cash assistance should also reach them, especially these days when they cannot go out to withdraw from banks or ATMs, or receive remittance from their children.

As frontliners in their respective communities, we trust that barangays will reach out and help the elderly.

We should spare the senior citizens from going out of their homes, dealing with the long lines in drug stores or groceries, and exposing themselves to possible infection as they are most vulnerable.

In this time of crisis, we need to look out for them more than ever and make them feel cared for.

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