Press Release
April 24, 2020


As we take this cautious, calculated step of extending the quarantine, we must at the same time expedite relief and succor to the vulnerable sectors of our society.

Poverty has been exacerbated by this pandemic, thus, concerned agencies should work double time so that all forms of assistance reach target families who are in need.

We also ask the police, military and local government units personnel to exercise the highest degree of restraint as they enforce the lockdown.

People must stay at home for their safety, but authorities should also listen to reason in situations that clearly call for greater understanding.

The lockdown extension only buys us time. To really defeat the virus, we reiterate our call for massive testing and increased medical capacity.

We have to be discerning on our next steps so as not to squander whatever gains we have achieved.

By adhering to a well-thought-out and data-based plan, together, we will inch closer to minimizing the pandemic and breathing life once again into our communities and the economy.

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