Press Release
May 8, 2020

Dispatch from Crame No. No. 792:
Sen. Leila M. de Lima's Reaction to PAGCOR's One-Page Ad, Re: POGOs

Saw the other day in one of the major dailies a one-page ad - "The Truth About POGO: A Primer" - issued by PAGCOR, detailing the virtues of POGOs, even stressing that POGO is "not prostitution" and "not criminality."

What these pro-POGO public functionaries failed to address is this simple, fundamental question - why are these POGOs being recognized and extolled here, and given the status and perks of a legitimate enterprise, when they are outlawed in their country of origin? Where is the logic and the morality of it all? This legal and social anomaly is unacceptable.

We also need to ask, and aggressively seek for the answer to this - who are the unseen Filipino hands behind these Chinese POGOs? Who are these traitors?


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