Press Release
May 20, 2020

Grace Poe on workers' Transport Woes:

Scenes of workers walking for kilometers to reach their place of work and return home after their duty must not be a part of the new normal amid COVID-19.

There's no doubt about the commitment and perseverance of our workers to return to work to provide income for their families and help shore up businesses sidelined by the pandemic.

But the daily commute and walk must not exact a toll on our workers -- exposing them to the dangers in the streets and unfavorable weather conditions.

Especially woeful are the situation of no-work, no-pay employees, who will not earn anything for the day if they fail to show up, or will be meted with deductions if they come late.

As we await the return of PUVs and other means of mass transport, we exhort the government to do all it can to alleviate the daily sufferings of our workers in getting to work.

We need them to help the economy rise from the doldrums amid the pandemic.

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