Press Release
May 26, 2020

Senator Drilon's statement on the opening of classes and on issues on DOH

Senator Drilon's statement on the opening of classes

Republic Act 7977 allows the opening of classes to take place "not later than the last day of August." The government should decide on this. I just signed today the committee report authorizing the President to set the start of the school year in the event of a declaration of a state of emergency, state of calamity or similar occurrence such as the COVID-19 pandemic.

The welfare and safety of the students should always be of primordial consideration. While the Department of Education's s online learning, virtual classes and hybrid classes are admirable for the continuous learning of the students, the reality is majority of our population does not have access to internet. The internet in the country remains the most expensive yet the slowest among Asian countries. I do not see how virtual classes being proposed by the DepEd can be effectively implemented across all sectors. The poor will be at a disadvantage here.

On the President's statement on overpriced DOH supplies

I hope the statement of the President does not in any manner mean to absolve Sec. Duque. I call for a fair and impartial investigation despite the President's pronouncement. These are taxpayers' money we're talking about here - to the tune of billions pesos getting wasted due to corruption or gross negligence.

The issue raised against Sec Duque is not the expensive PPEs and equipment but overpricing DOH supplies and PhilHealth's testing package.

Sec. Duque has been remiss in his sworn duties as a public servant that endangered billions of public funds. He has become a liability.

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