Press Release
May 27, 2020

Dispatch from Crame No. 805:
Sen. Leila M. de Lima on the illegal POGO hospitals; the mass spreading of COVID-19, not mass testing, inside Clark


Somebody powerful got hurt from my latest dispatch on the illegal Chinese POGO hospitals raided inside the Fontana resort inside Clark Freeport, the unofficial kingdom of IATF T3 Czar and BCDA Chair Vince Dizon--aside from his other royal titles, which include Presidential Adviser on Flagship Projects--for them to hire the Daily Tribune anew to write an opinion piece on the supposed shabu factory inside Bilibid.

The Tribune said that the illegal POGO COVID-19 hospital inside Fontana was merely a regular employees' clinic for POGO workers working inside Clark, and not a COVID-19 hospital. It also praised the POGOs for enriching the government with the taxes they pay. Maybe enriching the government officials protecting them?

This is getting hilarious.

The mythical shabu factory inside Bilibid was never found. It remains to be a lie propagated by Duterte and this regime's propagandists, like Tribune's publisher. No self-respecting BuCor, DOJ, NBI, PNP, or AFP official ever allowed himself to be used even by Duterte to confirm the Duterte lie that a shabu factory was operating inside Bilibid. No one was willing to stake his reputation on a brazen lie. It's as fictitious as my alleged drug links concocted by Duterte and his cohorts.

But the illegal POGO COVID-19 hospital operating inside the territory of Mass Testing Czar Vince Dizon is not a lie. The PNP and the DOH themselves raided it. The raid was fully documented in the news. Vince Dizon did not raise a howl of protest on the POGOs' use of his territory, the Clark Freeport, for the possible mass spreading of the China Virus through illegal hospitals using non-FDA authorized drugs. In addition to this is the PhilExcel Business Park warehouse, also located inside Dizon's domain, that was raided and found to contain several boxes of illegal medicines and supplies with Chinese markings.

Ano ba ang nangyayari sa loob ng Clark? Is it fast becoming to be a haven for illegal Chinese activities under Dizon? Is Clark China's satellite where contraband is freely smuggled and traded in the Philippines? Freeport pa ba yan o pirate's cove na? Baka kailangan nang itaas ang bandila ng skull and bones diyan, na may apat na estrella ng China.

By hosting the illegal POGO COVID-19 hospital and the warehouse of illegal Chinese medicines inside Clark, Mass Testing Czar Vince Dizon is actually endangering the public health within his territory and its environs in Angeles City, through the potential mass spreading of the virus caused by the presence of these illegal "clinics".

Maybe this is what irked them, hence, the Tribune's rejoinder to my dispatch on the subject, defending Clark POGOs and their "clinics" inside Czar Dizon's kingdom. So this only means there are more COVID "employees' clinics" inside Clark, as there are more POGOs inside Clark than just the one the Fontana "clinic" catered to.

Is Dizon saying through the Tribune article that these "clinics" should be allowed to operate? En masse? Like COVID-19 culture and propagation labs? Not even his boss's Golden Kaldero in New Clark City will compete with this kind of abominable corruption of government power.

Where does this leave us, when the government-anointed Mass Testing Czar and King of Clark, is himself the coddler of illegal POGO COVID-19 "clinics" inside the Freeport? This government never ceases to be so horrendous and diabolical in their treason to the Filipino nation.

(Access the handwritten copy of Dispatch from Crame No. 805 here:

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