Press Release
May 29, 2020



1. Sen. Grace Poe: Just a quick question, I think, maybe, Congresswoman Quimbo, maybe you can look into the amusement tax that is being charged the producers of the film industry; that is something that is continually being paid, except, I think, during the film festival. If they cannot suspend the amusement tax or defer it at this point, I think that can be utilized to fund, whatever, to fund program or assistance, the FDCP is extending. Then, maybe later on we can hear also from Direk Carlitos, who I'm glad is here in this forum, maybe he can discuss how we can help the movie industry. That is all, thank you Mr. Chairman.

2. Poe: Actually Mr. Chair, for the film industry, as we know right now, part of the problem is really social distancing. But I've also mentioned earlier about the amusement tax and the other taxes that needs to be paid by the producers. Sabi mo nga Mr. Chair, Senator Angara, ngayon, wala ngang ipinapalabas na sine. Maybe, we can also suggest to our theatre owners to come up with a guideline to reassure the public that they can watch safely. Number one, 'yung distancing, alam ko meron naman silang ganyan. I know SM department store already came up with their safety protocols, but for cinemas in particular, a hepa filter is something that they can invest in. And also, as I mentioned, and I would like to reiterate the fact that we are already collecting taxes from the film industry and entertainment industry, perhaps, the equivalent can be really allocated to return it to our practitioners or stakeholders in the industry kasi 'yan talaga mga informal workers. Dati pa 'yan na inconsistent ang kita, mas lalo pa ngayon na walang kita. 'Yun po...


1. Sen. Grace Poe: While we have Congresswoman Quimbo, I have a quick question, for the transportation industry in particular, initially during our hearing we have a consultation and they suggested a stimulus package, there is no denying that the transportation industry is greatly impacted. And with this PESA bill, there are certain provisions here that will grant emergency credit lines for the purposes of funding, grant interest free loans or long term credit facility to allow the restructuring or existing debts and rehabilitation, which I think are important because a lot of jobs are affected in this industry. My question is this, how can we add a provision in this bill, in the PESA for example, so that companies that are actually deserving can avail of the loans? Because there's no denying that once we grant these loans to the private sector, many will be applying and we would have to manage limited resources. Other companies might not have established their credibility and might find it more expedient to borrow money and then we're not sure about their possible capability to pay later on, so I think that with the bill, moving forward, we need to be able to establish and not wait for an IRR to put what conditions will be necessary. Not necessarily too restrictive but at least that is reasonable, so that others may not take advantage of this provision.

2. Poe: Actually, Congresswoman, thank you for mentioning the guarantee but while highly impacted business is one of the criteria and truly all businesses are impacted, we also need to see the credit history and also the output history of the companies because what I am worried about, you know fly by nights that are also impacted not just during this time but also in the past, well they have a bad credit rating or even their outputs are really low, we need, as I mentioned, to manage limited resources, so I think with the experts present here and also with other companies, credible companies, they should come up with a wording that would safely guard also whatever capacity also the government can extend to those who are really deserving, whether some will be granted that benefit. Thank you again.

3. Poe: Salamat, Mr. Chair. Kanina kasi napag-usapan natin ang transport sector pero medyo malabo yata 'yung signal ni Ariel Lim pero ang aking ikinababahala 'yung talagang naapektuhan nitong pandemya ay marami rin sa ating mga drivers ng public utility vehicles. Gusto ko lang malaman kung meron ba talagang, kulang pa, na hindi pa nabibigyan ng ayuda doon sa ating mga drivers. Kasi kung kailangan pa nating dagdagan, katulad ngayon, ang sinasabi ng DOTr, mababawasan talaga ang pwedeng sumakay doon sa mga pampublikong sasakyan, ay kung ano pang meron tayo ngayon para mapunuan 'yun.

4. Poe: Anyway, Mr. Chair, while this is specialized but it is still very crucial on the floor when we discussed about this, I think this should be a priority. But, also, talking about the airline industry, because as we know that's really greatly affected at this point. I really support some sort of assistance to them, not just for the companies that are involved, hindi lang para sa mga kumpanya ng airline pero dahil ngang maraming nakadependeng nagtatrabaho dito, pati 'yung mga downstream industries, pati 'yung mga catering at 'yung mga iba pang trabahador. So, I hope that the Chair's committee report will include incentives or assistance to the airline industry, as well as the buses. But, again, we really need to be really careful with our wording that the provisions will strictly say that the ones that are serious, capable and maybe the ones that are truly providing jobs. Kasi, mahirap rin 'yung mga wala namang track record na basta basta nating bibigyan kasi limitado lang an gating pera, unahin natin 'yung mas mabibigyan ng maraming biyaya. Hindi ito base sa kumpanya, kung gaano kalaki ang kumpanyam kundi base sa pinakamaraming trabahador at empleyedo na mabibiyayaan. 'Yun lang po, Mr. Chair. Maraming salamat.

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