Press Release
June 1, 2020


The long lines of commuters in bus stations, workers walking to offices and people scampering to get on every available ride should not be part of the new normal under GCQ.

Clearly, the mass transportation we have now does not meet the surge of people who have come out of quarantine to begin working again to feed their families.

Government must show it is on top of the situation and take the necessary action to make available more PUVs without compromising safety.

We also urge companies and businesses to maximize the work-from-home scheme, to help lessen the number of people who will need to go out and take mass transportation.

Our people's health and safety should not be the consequences of this fragile and slow easing of the lockdown. As we save livelihoods, we must primarily save lives.

Safety protocols and proper signages should be in place in public transportation, establishments, malls and other economic hubs that are allowed to operate.

There should be no let-up in our whole-of-society efforts, especially as people begin to move and come into contact with each other. Government capacity should be constantly boosted to track and isolate the sick and their contacts, which are the effective ways of keeping new infections under wrap.

Ang buwis-buhay na paglabas ng bahay para lamang makarating sa hanapbuhay ang ating mga kababayan ay dapat tapatan ng pamahalaan ng simbigat na pananagutan at katugunan.

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