Press Release
June 8, 2020


Pre-ECQ, there were around 4,600 city bus units covering 96 bus routes in Metro Manila. The LTFRB promised during the May 11 hearing of the Senate Committee on Public Services to rationalize this to just 29 bus routes. This number was later revised to 31 bus routes. So far, the DOTr has opened eight bus routes last week and promised to open four more today.

We call on the DOTr to act with more urgency and roll out the rest of the bus routes immediately so as to alleviate the suffering of the commuters. The 20 undeployed bus routes cut off thousands from their place of work. The existing bus routes must also be supplied with enough bus units and bus stops with the information properly communicated to the public.

Let's work together to achieve a better normal for our commuters.

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