Press Release
June 18, 2020

On Justice Carpio's Interpretation of the Anti-Terrorism Bill

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With all due respect to former Justice Antonio Carpio, who I continue to admire and respect, he is mistaken on several material points in his interpretation on the contents of the Anti-Terrorism Bill.

I had addressed many of the concerns he raised, in my letter reply to the Integrated Bar of the Philippines. I hope those who share his concerns take time to read it. []

After reading the transcript of his remarks before the MAP yesterday, I think he has made up his mind on his interpretation, so in the meantime I will leave it at that.

That said, I am scheduled to speak before the same Management Association of the Philippines membership meeting on June 24, and I will have the opportunity to respond point by point to the constitutional issues and concerns that he raised as guest speaker of the same forum.

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