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June 19, 2020

With its totally impractical plans for the commuting public
Nancy to DOTr: Have you already tried, tested your unsafe road experiments?
...doubts if agency understands people's hardships

Senator Nancy Binay again asked government transport executives if they have tried and tested the transport guidelines they have put in place under General Community Quarantine (GCQ).

Binay expressed concern over the seemingly unsafe and poorly planned measures being implemented by the Department of Transportation (DOTr) for the commuting public.

"This is not the time to stretch experiments. Improving mobility and maximizing space are important, but spending on costly experiments that we know are bound to fail is totally unnecessary lalo pa ngayong kapos sa pondo," the senator said.

According to Binay, chaos and travel miseries will continue to confront the commuting public under GCQ or MGCQ until no holistic and realistic public transport plan is put in place.

"Sana try din nilang testingin yung kanilang science projects sa EDSA--para kasing virtual experiment ang ginagawa sa mga mananakay. Wag na po nating ipilit yung mga hilaw at minadaling plano sa EDSA which placed public safety as a secondary concern. Di po EDSA ang classroom sa online learning," she noted.

Moreover, Binay also questioned the transport agency's plan to place bus stops in the middle lane of EDSA saying this plan would not only cause safety concerns for passengers but also needs infrastructure that will not be readily built.

"Papaano naman yung mga pasahero? Saan sila tatawid para makapunta sa gitna ng EDSA? Lalo din papahirapan nito ang ating mga senior citizen at PWDs. If DOTr genuinely believes that their plans are well-thought of, then we presume that they understand the hardships of commuters under M/GCQ. ," Binay said.

"What we see now are totally unrealistic and impractical transport plans. Our workers and the commuting public don't deserve this kind of treatment. Ang nakakaloka, halos linggo-linggo ay may bagong ganap sa EDSA," Binay pointed out.

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