Press Release
June 22, 2020

Statement of Sen. Francis "Kiko" Pangilinan, president of the Liberal Party of the Philippines, on centennial birthday of Jovito Salonga

Ka Jovy represents the enduring LP tradition of service and love of country: Pangilinan

"A century ago today, the true patriot and statesman Ka Jovy Salonga was born.

We are blessed to have lived in his time -- including the years he served as leader of the Liberal Party -- guided by his wisdom, selflessness, and love for country.

Ka Jovy has endured many battles that maimed his body, but not his spirit. He has confronted the plagues of dictatorship, corruption, and economic crisis, and he carried on.

How fascinating it would have been if the gentle sage and fighter that is Ka Jovy were here, amid a pandemic endangering the people's health and livelihood, and an anti-terrorism bill threatening their rights.

Birthdays are for celebration of life, struggles, and triumphs. We are grateful for the encounters and lessons we had with Ka Jovy in his lifetime. We are fired up to carry his work forward."

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