Press Release
June 26, 2020

Official Statement on the Executive Department's Call for a Special Session

I welcome a possible special session for the passage of the Bayanihan to Heal as one extension, as the first law has recently expired.

For the record, the Senate had passed the extension on second reading, with some amendments that we thought could help stimulate some needed sectors and the economy. However, the Finance team did not recommend its certification at the time, so here we are today.

Being legislators, we swore an oath to do our job with the best of our abilities, and so if there is a call for a special session to address the problems during these trying times, then so be it. We will be there to heed the call. We would only like to request that the executive department, particularly the Finance team, know what they want and coordinate with both houses to come up with a doable compromise so they won't waste the President's time and effort in calling for a special session.

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