Press Release
July 11, 2020

On the proposed motorcycle rider barriers

What's the use of a barrier when couples hold hands in going to the motorcycle, and kiss each other goodbye after the ride?

As a virus shield, it is as effective as installing a concrete road divider on the matrimonial bed.

Isn't the protection offered them by the motorcycle barrier during the day cancelled by their intimacy at night?

There is also the question if such an untested modification will compromise the roadworthiness of the bike and the safety of driver and passenger.

Please don't get me wrong, I do commend well-meaning initiatives to get breadwinners who ride pillion on motorbikes on the road again, but such should get the green light from science.

Before we flag this off, can we please subject it to test runs and workshop review by experts?

Or can we just ask health experts if a couple who sleep together at night without masks can safely ride a motorcycle together with masks and helmets on?

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