Press Release
July 12, 2020

On media queries on ABS-CBN shutdown during a pandemic: Why do you think the situation of the employees of ABS-CBN no longer mattered even if there's a raging pandemic? Were political lines drawn just like in elections?

Sen. Francis "Kiko" Pangilinan response:

"It is the primordial duty of any representative government to protect the welfare of its citizens. As such, by failing to protect the welfare of 11,000 workers and rendering them jobless this government has failed to fulfill its primary function.

Yes, political lines were drawn as between self-serving, reckless, and tyrannical politics represented by the mindless decision to close the station and render 11,000 jobless and the politics of genuine service, democracy, and good governance represented by those defending media freedom and supportive of the grant of the franchise.

Why? Because as history of mankind spanning thousands of years will show us that for tyrants, holding on to and exercising uncontested, absolute power is far more important than the welfare of the people."

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