Press Release
July 15, 2020

On the IATF's 'house-to-house' plan

Health-related announcements are better left to doctors. If the nation is the patient, let those trained to have good bedside manners announce the treatment.

We have to choose and curate the words we use, so nothing will be lost in translation and transmission.

We should do it in a language so clear that it will move the nation as one to compliance, instead of through unclear statements that trigger ridicule or resistance.

Iba ang dating kapag doktor ang magsasabi na inumin mo itong gamot na ito, kaysa kung ang utos ay galing sa iba. In the pandemic fight, there should be a division of labor, especially on communications.

Pwede naman kasing sabihin sa mga nag-positive, pero kulang ang pasilidad sa bahay, "Iimbitahan po namin kayo na doon na lang sa mga komportable, may pagkain, may Wi-Fi na isolation facilities muna manatili, para na rin po sa mga mahal ninyo sa buhay."

If the positivity is borne by test results, then the address and contact details of the patient are on record, which cancels the need for boots on the ground to do a house-to-house sweep.

Yung pagsundo din is a medical exercise, by people donning full PPE, following safety protocols, para hindi rin mag-bahay-bahay si corona, and not by those in full battle gear, because it is wrong to assume that these law-abiding citizens will resist relocation.

Minsan maganda ang layunin, sabit lang ang pagpapaliwanag.

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