Press Release
July 20, 2020

On the Reported Deaths of High-Profile Bilibid Inmates Due to COVID-19

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Certain details of one who has been convicted of a crime after going through a court trial may be generally accessible to the public except for some very isolated cases, mostly due to security considerations.

However, dying of a contagion as dreaded as the coronavirus could subject the victim's immediate family to undue discrimination, not to mention the stigma that they may suffer from the public.

The Data Privacy Act may actually be applicable in the case of Jaybee Sebastian and other high value PDLs who reportedly succumbed to COVID-19 - although in an inquiry in aid of legislation, we as legislators can ask relevant questions, especially in an executive session.

Unless there is very compelling reason to suspect any foul play - and as of now, there is none - personally, I'd rather focus on more pressing matters than be distracted by the death/s of drug convict/s who had shown no remorse at all by continuing their drug operations even in the confines of the high-security facility of the New Bilibid Prison, right under the noses of prison officials, corrupting those who have no moral fortitude to resist even drug money.

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