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July 26, 2020

A roadmap out of the pandemic
Nancy on 2020 SONA: 'Focus must be on what needs to be done more'
...says Senate is ready to support measures to jumpstart economy

As the Administration prepares for Monday's State of the Nation Address (SONA), Sen. Nancy Binay today said she expects the President to focus on the government's realistic action plans on what will it do in the following months to battle the impact of the Covid pandemic on public health and the economy.

"At this critical moment, the people are already drained from listening to reports on what was done in the past seven months. What the people wanted to hear from the President are those that need to be done more in the next five to 12 months--yung mga kinakailangang at dapat gawin sa mga darating na araw, and show to the nation a clear step-by-step roadmap out of the pandemic," Binay explained.

According to Binay, she expects the President to present an actionable roadmap with relevant response parameters, time-based deliverables, and with realistic expectations.

"I hope the SONA does not dwell much on what was done, or who's to blame--we are way past that. Kami sa Senate are ready and willing to support government's plans to jumpstart the economy, find ways in tapping resources judiciously, and how to help strengthen public health. Ang laban ngayon ay kung paano mabuhay. But as we move ahead, I hope the President would manage people's expectations, and let them understand how government prioritizes its actions," she said.

According to Binay, senators have agreed to prioritize the proposed Bayanihan-2 Law which is ready for approval on third and final reading upon the resumption of Congress.


With the country slowly opening economic activities amidst localized lockdowns, hospitals in Metro Manila said they can no longer accommodate coronavirus patients due to full bed capacity. Since the start of July, there has been a marked increase in Covid infections with a reported 78,412 cases to date.

"The question of what needs to be done is clearly weighing heavily on the President. When we see the numbers spike every day, the feeling of despair creeps in. But one has to step up as a leader to address people's doubts, uncertainties, and feelings of pessimism.

"If we want to be on the right track, it is necessary to acknowledge and assess the realities on the ground. In these uncertain times, people look for reassuring leadership to weather the storm. The President already has a team and the entire government structure to put to task. What the people need to hear in this year's SONA is a clear implementation structure to get things done. The people must feel protected and cared for, and not abandoned in the middle of the storm," Binay noted.

Binay said LGUs are already spearheading innovative public health and social support policies that somehow keep them afloat, but are also awaiting government's guidance and direction in winning the war against Covid and saving an economic situation that remains precarious.

"We have to face it: Nakalubog na ang barko, at nagpa-panic na ang mga pasahero. In many respects, everybody's goal is to survive. In our case, win the war against the pandemic. Clearly, there is no room for complacency and time is of the essence. It is the Captain's duty to ensure that procedures are followed for the safety of everyone. The LGUs also need support, guidance and direction. The stakes are high, and failure is not an option. Nasa kalagitnaan po tayo ng dagat--bawat desisyon o aksyon, buhay ang katumbas," the senator pointed out.

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