Press Release
August 3, 2020

on need for IATF to optimize MECQ period to launch info drive, reassess, recalibrate strategies

With the two-week MECQ, I hope the IATF uses this time to launch a massive granular information drive on the ground--with every street, every establishment, and every household covered. Communication is vital in a state of public health emergency, pero hanggang ngayon nangangapa pa rin ang bawat barangay at pamilya kung ano ang tamang protocol: who to contact, what to do, where to go, and how to handle Covid cases that overwhelm them every day.

I support our healthcare workers' call for a timeout. They are already overwhelmed and exhausted. However tiny the window is, I also hope that the IATF opens a space for continuous dialogue with our doctors and health workers.

Government can optimize the "timeout" to reassess, recalibrate its strategies, set plans, and treat the interim as an opportunity to correct mistakes and miscues.

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