Press Release
August 3, 2020


With the MECQ back, we call on LGUs and national agencies to put in place necessary services to help our people, especially our workers, transition anew to quarantine protocols.

Shuttle services should be ready to ferry essential employees to their place of work and back home amid limited public transportation.

We hope private firms can also consider hiring jeepneys as service contractors so they can have a source of income.

The DOTr should find ways to assist public utility vehicle drivers who will not take home any income during the period, and the greater majority of drivers who have yet to get back on the road for over five months now.

Employers who can spare few more cash may opt to give allowance to their workers who will not receive pay without work.

We also appeal to mall owners to heed anew the call for compassion in this time of crisis by waiving the rent during the period of MECQ.

The lockdown is a temporary hump to businesses about to take off which we need to hurdle together to preserve lives and livelihood.

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