Press Release
August 8, 2020

Zubiri Statement on the Death of Mayor Alfredo Lim

I extend my prayers and my deepest condolences to the family of Mayor Alfredo Lim. He will be sorely missed.

I have always admired Mayor Lim for being a public servant to the bone. He had a clear political vision and, more importantly, the will to get things done. He was a true man of action.

Whether he was serving as police officer, senator, cabinet secretary, or Manila mayor, he was consistent in his work toward peace, order, and justice-so much so that we all came to regard him as our very own Dirty Harry.

I am sure that the City of Manila feels this loss deeply. He dedicated so much of his life to the city, and did everything in his power to turn his vision of a clean and crimeless Manila into reality. Mayor Lim may be gone, but Manila will always be testament to everything he stood for.

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