Press Release
August 19, 2020

Sen. Grace Poe's Manifestation

Mr. President, this is just in support of Resolution No. 502. This is a critical step for PhilHealth to recuperate. So how do we move forward from this train wreck? We must have a PhilHealth starter kit, we call for the preventive suspension, as mentioned, for the most guilty bunch to give way to a proper audit and investigation. But the question we have to ask is who will take over the sinking ship in the middle of a pandemic? Surely, this country has no shortage of men and women who can run PhilHealth. We thus expect that more competent individuals will be appointed outside of the usual pool of recycled appointees. Push this call further, it was made crystal clear to us during the hearings that problems afflicting PhilHealth today had their beginnings during the decade when PhilHealth only knew one leader, Secretary Duque. If the problems were small, suspicious growths then like a doctor he should have probably excised them. He failed and that is why the cancer has metastasized so that PhilHealth is really from the corporate version of a multi-organ failure. You can actually draw a line that connects PhilHealth's present travails to the same scandals which erupted during Duque's watch from 2001-2010. 'Yung problema noon, 'yun pa rin ang problema ngayon. This leaves us with one prescription: to save the patient, we must dismiss the doctor.

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