Press Release
August 25, 2020

Transcript of Senator Pia S. Cayetano's manifestation in support of Senate Resolution No. 493 expressing condolences to the former Sen. Eddie Ilarde

Thank you, Mr. President. I would also like to be the co-author of this resolution honoring the late Senator Ilarde.

Unlike many of my colleagues who've had the pleasure of knowing him personally, I didn't really know him personally. I was quite young when he and my dad both served in the Batasan, but I felt like I knew him personally because like many of those my age, he was frequently in our household through his television programs. And what I'd briefly like to share is that my mother, whom many of you know personally, happens to be an American, and she also learned her Filipino by listening to shows of the late Eddie Ilarde and other of his contemporaries during those times.

Wala naman pong Netflix, wala naman pong internet, so my mom's way of learning life in the Philippines, the dramas and the comedies of the Philippine life, a lot were learned through television and Eddie Ilarde was part of our household.

I was not really familiar with his early days in politics, but I was already in college I think when he ran for the Batasan and that was the time I was more conscious of politics. I found him to be the type of ideal politician in the sense that he always remained humble and simple lang ang mga salita niya, yung mga naiintindihan ng tao. And so those are just some of the memories that I have as a child that I felt I would like to share with his family and loved ones, and to spread into the record also because the younger generation did not have the privilege of knowing this person. So I give my deepest condolences to the family and close friends of the late Eddie Ilarde. And I also pay my utmost respect to them.

Thank you.

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