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September 30, 2020

Bong Go expresses support for DOST and PhilSA proposed 2021 budget, implores the department to ensure vaccine is safe as it leads clinical trials

Senator Christopher "Bong" Go urged the Department of Science and Technology to make sure the COVID-19 vaccine is safe as the department takes charge of the clinical trials for COVID-19 vaccine in the country.

"I implore the DOST, as the lead agency in charge of the clinical trials for the COVID-19 vaccine in Metro Manila, CALABARZON, and Cebu, to ensure that the vaccine trials are expedited but still in accordance with applicable scientific standards," Go said.

"Please make sure that the vaccine is safe. 'Yun lang po ang importante para po hindi matakot ang ating mga kababayan. Siguraduhin natin na safe ang mga vaccine na nasa trial stages na po sa ngayon," he added.

The DOST has earlier conveyed that the World Health Organization's Solidarity Trial of potential COVID-19 vaccines would likely start in December. According to DOST Secretary Fortunato dela Peña, once WHO releases the vaccines and its protocols, the Philippines can then begin recruiting patients to participate in the trials which will likely be on October.

Meanwhile, the Senator expressed his support for the proposed budgets of the DOST and the Philippine Space Agency.

"I express my support for the budget of the Department of Science and Technology and the Philippine Space Agency," Go said.

"I especially laud the department, led by its very hardworking Secretary Fortunato dela Peña, in striving to continuously improve our efforts in research and development in science and technology. With your efforts, together with the rest of the government, we will overcome this crisis," he said.

Go also recognized the achievements the science and technology department has attained recently. In the Global Innovation Index 2020, the Philippines rose from 100th in 2014 to 50th this year. The Senator said, "It is a symbol of hope for the country that is currently fighting the pandemic. Indeed, hard work and the constant pursuit of excellence do pay off. But let us not be complacent."

Go noted that the country through its science and research arm "can still improve - and we should - and we here in the Legislative Branch is behind you to do our part to help."

On the country's venture towards becoming a space-capable nation, Go also expressed his excitement over the country's push for PhilSA.

"I also take this opportunity to express my excitement over the country's first real push into becoming a space-capable and space-faring nation within the next decade, as embodied in the Philippine Space Act," Go said.

The PhilSA was formed after the Philippine Space Act was passed into law on July last year. One of its main policies is to safeguard Philippine sovereignty, territorial integrity, Philippine interest, and the right to self-determination as mandated by Article II, Section 7 of the 1987 Constitution. It also intends to support and commit to the development, application and utilization of science and technology that will foster patriotism and nationalism and accelerate social progress, such as the development of space technology and applications for its security and for the benefit of its citizens.

"Every great nation has the goal of seizing the space frontier, and I am happy to see the country take its first steps toward the realization of this lofty goal," he ended.

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