Press Release
October 5, 2020

Transcript of Senator Pia S. Cayetano's manifestation On the Aerocity Franchise Bill

I'd like to thank Senator Lacson and Senator Drilon also for joining the conversation. This is exactly why I would like to be given a chance to interpellate earlier. And that's also why I kinda really was surprised that I was initially being told that I missed my opportunity because the period was already closed because these are exactly the questions that I wanted us to try to solve so that we won't have to deal with these, and we don't give the proponent a bill that has a lot of loose ends and give somebody who [inaudible] the opportunity to go to court.

So I just have to reiterate that I am very grateful that this issue was taken up because earlier, I felt like it was being taken against me that I wanted to bring up these very important issues. But actually, as I was trying to emphasize to all of you, I am just trying to do my job as your chairman of the Committee on Ways and Means to point out that these are issues we will have to face if we don't clean up this bill properly. And that is also why I was asking for time, to study it, to give my input clearly, to digest and actually ask also for your input, because I also don't claim to have the answers. But I do have a few questions which I feel should be resolved to avoid doubt later on.

Thank you, Mr. President. Even when I take my turn, I don't claim to have the answers. I would like to learn and eventually maybe, we can all come up with some ideas that will clarify a lot of these issues. Thank you. So when it's my turn later on, I will pose the questions.

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