Press Release
October 13, 2020

Furloughs to Very Important Prisoners should extend to mother wanting to see dying child

The plight of Reina and River should not be allowed to happen again. Their tragedy should be a teachable moment for all of us - that a jailed mother should not be denied to visit her terminally sick child.

A Person Deprived of Liberty should be allowed to comfort a loved one about to be deprived of Life.

Because if we allow the cruel separation of mother and child, then we forfeit our credentials as a Christian nation.

I hope that the DOJ - which is headed by a decent and upright professional - will be advocates of granting humanitarian furloughs to detainees whose innocence or guilt has yet to be determined.

We have read many instances when VIPs - Very Important Prisoners - were granted passes to attend weddings, see a doctor, or attend the school graduation of a kin, which, in the scale of compassion, are rungs lower than a mother's plea to see her child one last time.

Our justice system is in need of reforms, and our prisons resources. But this case does not require a law or a big appropriation, just compassion.

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