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October 14, 2020

Gordon co-authors resolution honoring former Negros Occidental Governor

Recognizing good men who served the country well, Senator Richard J. Gordon on Tuesday co-authored a resolution honouring former Negros Occidental Governor Alfredo G. Maranon, Jr., who passed away last Oct. 1 after days of seeking treatment for various ailments.

"I would like to congratulate Sen. Migz Zubiri for having the wisdom in making sure that Gov. Maranon and the Maranon family are recognized... You know in our country, sometimes when you're no longer in power, you're dust in the wind. Very rare do people get recognized when they pass on or when they're retired. I'd like to congratulate the Senate because we remember good men who served our country. That's why we all stand up and honor Freddy Maranon," he said in co-sponsoring Senate Resolution No. 544.

Gordon lauded the late former governor for having catapulted Negros Occidental as a food sufficient, agricultural province and other initiatives he implemented that led to the province's development.

"Freddy eventually became one of the best governors of our country. He was environmentally-savvy, head of many governors in terms of the NIPAS Act (National Integrated Protected Areas System Act of 1992) I commend Gov. Maranon for having catapulted Negros Occidental as a food sufficient agricultural province and other things thru his Negros First campaign," he said.

During his administration, Marañon's platform of governance was anchored on the Negros First, his program on Natural Resources Management, Economic Development, Good Governance, Reduction of Poverty, Optimum Health Care, Strong Support for Education, Food Security, Information and Communications Technology Utilization, Roads and Other Infrastructure, Social Services and Tourism Promotion.

Maranon was also credited for placing Negros Occidental as a major ecotourism spot for his establishment of the Sagay Marine Reserve.

"Nakita natin na the Negrenses are very confident, inspired by his passion, not only for business development, agricultural development, but his passion for organic farming... I would like to express my deepest condolences to his family, particularly to Dr. Marilyn Dalisay-Maranon and all his children. I am honoured to be part of this and I thank Sen. Zubiri for allowing me and other senators to co-sponsor or co-author this resolution to remember a very good man and a very good family, as well," Gordon stressed.

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