Press Release
October 15, 2020

Statement of Sen. Bong Revilla re: statement of the Federation of Associations of Private Schools Administrators (FAPSA) on the cash allowance bill

Public school teachers are not being spoiled, but are only given what is due them.

The teaching supplies allowance being granted to them is intended to assist them in performing their responsibilities especially during this New Normal. As they will now employ new learning modalities for teaching, they are now obliged to conduct classes online, they are burdened with the need for, among others, proper gadgets and reliable internet connection. It is only proper for the government to support them in performing these responsibilities.

While the allowance is given to the teachers, the benefit is expected to enhance the delivery of the public education; hence will be felt by the students. The allowance is less than a direct personal pocket money to the teaching personnel, and more of a subsidy to the expenses incurred in the performance of their duties.

I doubt that the allowance will even redound to the economic well-being of the public school teacher, as the allowance could hardly cover the huge expenses posed by the challenges of the situation. Even before the pandemic, teachers were forced to shell out personal money to buy chalk, manila paper and other materials for visual aids, even cleaning supplies for their classroom, sometimes providing basic educational tools and even baon for their students, with their desire to ensure that they are able to provide the best learning experience for the children.

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