Press Release
October 27, 2020

Zubiri calls for thorough investigation of maltreatment of Pinay embassy staffer in Brazil

Senate Majority Leader Juan Miguel Zubiri is calling for a thorough investigation of Ms. Marichu Mauro, the Philippine Ambassador to Brazil, who was caught on security camera maltreating her Filipina staffer on several occasions.

"While watching the video, I was horrified to see the brazenness of our ambassador to Brazil in physically maltreating the embassy service staff. I cannot imagine how people in her position could enact such violence to the very people they are sworn to protect. How can we demand foreign employers of our OFWs, especially domestic helpers, to respect their rights and not maltreat them, when the very people who are supposed to protect and defend them abroad are the ones abusing them? This is such a terrible incident and a black eye on our image abroad," Zubiri said.

The video footage was shown on the Brazilian news channel GloboNews last Sunday and was picked up by international news organizations. Captured by a security camera, the footage revealed several instances of the victim being physically assaulted by Mauro.

"I call on our Department of Foreign Affairs to conduct a thorough investigation on the matter and prosecute the official if found violating our labor laws and the Kasambahay Law. I commend, however, the swift action of Sec. Teddy Boy Locsin in recalling Ambassador Mauro to face investigations in the Philippines," Zubiri adds.

Zubiri further said, "I will see to it the logical conclusion of this incident" as he asked the embassy service staff to come forward and confront her abuser.

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