Press Release
November 4, 2020

Vaccines "not a job for one Superman, but for a broad Justice League"

I wish General Galvez good luck on his additional assignment as vaccine czar.

No mission is tougher and no stake is higher than providing vaccines for all.

But that burden is too heavy for one man to bear. This is not a job for one Superman. He has to assemble his Justice League. Not just from the military, but from all sectors, especially businesses with the supply-chain expertise to regularly restock millions of stores of their products seamlessly.

He is the mere conductor of an orchestra that must work in perfect symphony. Vaccine delivery is a major production involving millions of moving parts.

There is the supply-to-syringe challenge of bringing 220 million doses in subzero temperatures to 110 million people in an archipelago where cold chain infrastructure is lacking.

If he overcomes this, then on V-Day (Vaccine Day), he will receive the eternal gratitude of our race as a liberator.

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