Press Release
November 6, 2020


I unequivocally condemn the murder of 27-year-old Vincent Adia. This horrific attack was a naked violation of Vincent's human rights and a gross disrespect of the healthcare sector.

I am gravely disturbed and enraged by this incident. The initial indiscriminate assault on Vincent out in the streets already shocks the conscience. But his summary execution, while he was helpless on his hospital bed, adds to the harrowing spate of killings that has continued under this administration.

Hospitals are meant to be safe spaces for recovery and rehabilitation, but Vincent's place of refuge was debased by perpetrators of extreme violence, who remain very much at large.

I am calling on the Philippine National Police to conduct a timely, thorough, and transparent investigation into this gruesome incident. The PNP should also adopt rigorous protection measures for eye-witnesses who were unsparing in their details.

However, the statistics for unresolved extrajudicial killings are also a testament that many promises from law enforcement officials have gone unfulfilled, extending the period of emotional brutality for the victim's families.

Thus, I also demand that concerned government agencies take immediate action in carving a clear path to justice for Vincent's death. Let us assure our people of their safety and security by showing genuine efforts to defend our basic human rights.

I would like to express my deepest condolences to Vincent's family in this difficult time, along with my strongest solidarity against this culture of impunity. I stand beside them in grief.

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