Press Release
November 8, 2020

'Our man in Washington DC well-positioned for Biden presidency'

Our man in Washington DC is well-positioned to help steer our country's interest through whatever changes a Democratic White House would bring to PH-US relations.

Long before he allowed himself to be conscripted for foreign service, Ambassador Babes Romualdez already had enough contacts in the American capital to be considered a Beltway insider.

What I said during his confirmation hearings remains true today: So wired is he with the beating heart of the US government, that a friend has joked that if the nominee decides to swim across the Potomac unannounced, someone in Foggy Bottom will be waiting with a set of dry clothes for him.

Shifting geopolitical tides, changing global trade winds, and a world devastated by the pandemic call for a nimble foreign policy that is solely dictated by our national interest, not pro-Beijing nor pro-Biden, but pro-Filipino.

I am confident that with Secretary Locsin at the helm of the DFA, and with a capable man in our detachment in Washington DC, what is good for our country in the diplomatic front will always be pursued and protected.

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