Press Release
January 5, 2021

Sen. Leila Lima on the reported vaccination of around 100k Chinese POGO workers & illegal vaccination of soldiers, select civilians

*This is so unacceptable! Another proof that, under the Duterte regime, the Chinese are more privileged than Filipinos, freely violating our laws. We are second-class citizens in our very land.

*The PSG should remember that their loyalty should be to the Constitution and not to Duterte. He may be your Commander-in-Chief but he is neither your king nor emperor. The law is supreme, not Duterte's whims.

When state agents place their loyalty on a man and turn a blind eye to his corrupt and criminal ways, they become nothing more than lapdogs of a mafioso who tramples on the law just to get what he wants. Wake up, and stop being the Presidential Smuggling Group!

To the AFP and the PNP, I ask this: Kung ganitong nababahiran ang reputasyon ninyo dahil sa mga baluktot na utos, kapritso at iligal na gawain ni Duterte, nagugulat pa ba kayo kung bakit parami nang parami ang mga kritiko at dismayado sa inyong institusyon at sa gobyerno?

*Let us not deprive the President of the services of the PSG. Sino pa gigising sa kanya tuwing Lunes?

*Hayaan lang daw natin silang iturok kung ano gusto nilang iturok sa katawan nila. Di ba yun rin ang sinasabi ng mga addict?

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