Press Release
January 22, 2021


Senator Ronald 'Bato' Dela Rosa is pushing for the establishment of an Office of the Judiciary Marshals that will ensure the safety and security of judiciary officials and personnel as well as the delivery of fair and impartial justice in the country.

In co-sponsoring Senate Bill No. 1947 or "An Act Creating the Office of the Judiciary Marshals, Defining Its Functions and Powers, Appropriating Funds Therefor and For Other Purposes," Dela Rosa stressed the urgent need to establish the Office of the Judiciary Marshals that will resolve the rambling cases of killings of court officials in the country.

"It saddens me, Mr. President, that in the performance of their mandate in the proper dispensation of justice, their very own lives are put at stake. In fact, since 2016, at least 54 judges, prosecutors and lawyers have already been killed... I cannot overemphasize the importance of protecting our guardians of justice as they perform their sworn duty of upholding the Constitution and the laws of the country."

The senator highlighted that the Office of the Judiciary Marshals which will be under the Supreme Court will be primarily responsible for security, safety and protection of the members, officials, personnel and property of the Judiciary, including the integrity of the courts and their proceedings. In addition, the Judicial Marshals could also serve and execute lawful writs, processes and judicial orders.

"They may coordinate with law enforcement agencies to maximize the collection and sharing of intelligence information for purposes of identifying threats. Moreover, instead of delegating to the Philippine National Police, the court marshals shall assist the courts in the execution of all lawful writs, processes, and judicial orders," Dela Rosa explained.

Senate Bill No. 1947 was sponsored in the plenary by Senate Committee on Justice and Human Rights Chairman Senator Richard Gordon. It is a substitute bill reported out by the Committee which considered the similar bills filed by Senators Gordon, Lacson, Dela Rosa and Senate President Sotto.

The creation of Office of Judiciary Marshals is aligned with 10-point agenda of Chief Justice Diosdado Peralta that includes strengthening the security of our justices, judges and halls of justice.

"We hope that we can device the system, either through legislation or through court initiative, the creation of security system patterned after the United States' marshals," Chief Justice Peralta said.

As a former chief of the Philippine National Police and Director General of the Bureau of Corrections, Dela Rosa believes that the creation of the Judiciary Marshals will deter bigtime drug lords from threatening or intimidating judges handling their cases.

"Sana wala nang judges na kayang-kayang tawagan at takutin ng mga drug lord na kahit nakapiit na dyan sa bilibid, tatakutin yung mga huwes na mag-desisyon sa kanilang mga drug cases in their favor. With the presence of these Judicial Marshals, we'll be there to protect our esteemed judges," Dela Rosa said.

Through the creation of an Office of the Judiciary Marshals, Dela Rosa is optimistic that justice will now be served swiftly free from peril.

"The protection and preservation of our courts is the protection and preservation of our democracy. We should all remember that the Judiciary is the last bastion of democracy," Dela Rosa noted.

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