Press Release
March 24, 2021


I have long been a voice in the wilderness, strongly condemning and calling for an end to the culture of killings with impunity that, I fear, had woven itself into the fabric of our society. I have been resolute in coming up with measures to take a bite out of crime, killings in particular.

I couldn't be more vocal and quick on the draw when it comes to killings, especially when a justice, a judge, a prosecutor or a lawyer was the victim because an attack on the very people who dispense justice or work for the speedy disposition of justice is a slap on the face of Lady Justice.

During my first term, I stood up to condemn the killing of Judge Voltaire Rosales in 2004 and called on to then PNP Chief Edgardo Aglipay to relentlessly pursue the case. Over the years, I have also stood up for other slain judges and justices such as Judge Ma. Theresa Abadilla and retired CA Justice Normandie Pizarro. I have also gave privilege speeches when lawyers and prosecutors had been killed, such as Atty. Fredric Santos of the National Bilibid Prisons; Madonna Joy Tanyag, an assistant special prosecutor at the Office of the Ombudsman; Atty. Bayani Dalangin; Atty. Joey Luis Wee; and Atty. Winston Intong, to name a few. I have also conducted investigations in the Blue Ribbon Committee and the Committee on Justice and Human Rights, as part of efforts to help solve the killings.

To help ensure their protection and put a stop to these killings, I have sought the support of my colleagues for my bills such as the Senate Bill No. 1947 or the "Judiciary Marshals Act, Republic Act 11235 or the Motorcycle Crime Prevention Act and SBN 1828 or the Police Courts Act of 202o, among others.

The killings, especially of judges, lawyers and prosecutors over the years, most of which have remained unsolved, manifest our failure as a country to protect our magistrates and to fully enforce the rule of law, which could incite our citizens into taking the law into their own hands and throw our society back into the age of anarchy. If our judges and lawyers are not safe and cannot get justice for themselves, sino pa ang susunod sa batas? There is no rule of law.

Thus, I commend and support the Supreme Court for making a stand to protect the members of the Bar and the Bench, at the same time issuing words of encouragement for the entire Judiciary and all members of the legal profession to remain strong and unwavering in the duties they swore an oath to fulfil. Remaining undaunted, in the face of threats, to enforce the law and uphold the supremacy of the Constitution is indeed courageous and dignified.

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