Press Release
March 26, 2021

Statement by Senate Minority Leader Franklin M. Drilon

On people cutting the line to get vaccinated

This happens when we only have a million or so doses when what we need is at least 140 million doses to inoculate around 70 million Filipinos. The uncertainty that hangs over the supply and delivery of COVID-19 vaccines affect the confidence of the people in the ability of the government to implement an effective and efficient mass vaccination program.

People are worried about two things: coronavirus infections are hitting record-high each day and the fact that there is woefully inadequate supply of vaccines.

The government must ramp up vaccine supply. It all boils down to supply and demand. Unfortunately, as admitted by the President, hindi pa dumarating yung binili nating bakuna.

To achieve herd immunity, about 70 million Filipinos must be inoculated. Yet only less than a million or so doses are being administered today.

Further, the credibility of the government to make the Filipinos follow the rules is negatively affected by past incidents, including the reported illegal and unauthorized vaccination of government officials. I leave it to the Department of Justice to determine possible violations when the prioritization provided for in COVID-19 Vaccination Program Act is not followed.

On the issue on West Philippine Sea and the China's donation of vaccines

No strings attached, please.

I call on the government to implement the arbitral ruling. The Department of Foreign Affairs and the Armed Forces of the Philippines should be on their toes and remain vigilant against intrusions.

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