Press Release
April 20, 2021


Senator Nancy Binay today scored the red-tagging of community pantries and asked why organizers of the initiative are being considered as enemies of the state.

"Ang kalaban ay gutom, hindi ang tumutulong! Ganyan na ba ka-paranoid na pati ang pagtulong sa kapwa ay minamasama? Anong ambag n'yo?" she said.

Binay said that instead of red-tagging community pantries, the government should focus on improving its own programs in helping those in need during the pandemic.

"When common people band together to help those who are in need; when volunteers offer a selfless act of serving the people; and when ordinary Filipinos put up community pantries as a pure form of generosity--I don't see them as enemies of the state, but as champions who have genuine compassion for our people," she added.

Binay also expressed her support for Ana Patricia Non who started the Maginhawa Community Pantry which in turn led to other community pantries being organized in other areas.

"My heart goes to Patreng (Ana Patricia Non), who has been maliciously red-tagged for having a heart for the poor," she said.

"Di na ba pwedeng tumulong sa kapwa? Di na ba pwedeng magsalita ng iyong saloobin?" she added.

In her Facebook post late Monday evening, Non said they will temporarily stop their operations out of fear for the safety of its volunteers.

She sought help from Quezon City Mayor Joy Belmonte and raised concern on her personal security after three policemen recently asked after her affiliation.

Binay had earlier expressed her support for community pantries as a decentralized community humanitarian response to helping the needs of others during the pandemic.

"Nakakataba ng puso na makitang dumarami ang community pantries, at patunay lang na ang Bayanihan spirit is alive," the senator said.

"When things seem uncertain, and despairing--community pantries are a testament that hope is not lost. Sharing does not need to have any color or politics," she added.

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