Press Release
April 20, 2021

'Community pantries need more food bags, not red tags, nor red tape'

The only thing red in the community pantries are the ripe tomatoes.

Those who see red in these bayanihan projects should have their hearts examined.

Community pantries need more food bags, not red tags, nor red tape.

Let them bloom wherever they sprout, regardless of who planted them. Bureaucracy has no business throwing a shade over this pure expression of people's power.

Community pantries require no state franchise, nor government permit, nor police clearance. The business of helping your neighbor, as God commanded, requires no business permit from man.

These have become self-policing projects by a disciplined populace. The police should, in fact, commend the organizers instead of censuring them.

The CP is no monopoly of any group. It is not a patented venture. An individual or group can start their own. It is open to all colors in our political rainbow.

Support and solidarity is the correct response to community pantries. As the good mayor of Quezon City has said, "In these difficult times, let us allow kindness and selflessness to prevail."

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