Press Release
July 9, 2021


Senator Richard Gordon, Chairman and CEO of the Philippine Red Cross (PRC), mobilized the humanitarian organization to support the families of the victims immediately upon learning of the C-130 disaster. PRC Welfare Services activated its team as soon as it received its marching orders and dispatched a contingent to attend to the needs of those affected by the catastrophe.

"I am proud of the PRC," says Chairman Gordon. "Our staff, in the midst of tragedy, takes the time to counsel those who suffered a horrific loss. They provided first aid, psychosocial, and financial support on the ground, and added logistical support as needed. The military will always take care of its people, and they can always count on the PRC to help in its efforts because we are always available to assist our men in uniform."

The families of those who lost their loved ones were attended to promptly by the PRC, and are receiving continuing support. For the survivors from the aircraft and on the ground, the PRC is there to monitor their medical condition and provide their families with the resources to manage their emotional and mental wellbeing.

Among the survivors who suffered from third degree burns and other injuries were 13 year old Addhi, a young boy on the ground, and Gieve, Christian, and Jason who were afflicted with serious burns to their heads and arms. Sagge and Patricia, also hurt during the mishap, continue to get medical attention as well. Although they consented to the release of their photos, they requested that their surnames be withheld.

"We are the PRC. Always first, always ready, always there. One of those who perished in the crash was the pilot who ferried supplies from China in April 2020. So we have also lost one of our own," adds Gordon.

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