Press Release
July 21, 2021

Statement of Senate Minority Leader Franklin M. Drilon on the reelection bid of Senator Leila de Lima

I support and endorse the decision of Senator Leila de Lima to pursue reelection.

Sen. De Lima's reelection bid next year will be a fight for truth and justice.

In the face of growing threats to our rights and freedom, the nation needs leaders who will guard our democracy and champion human rights and social justice.

Even from behind bars, Sen. Leila continues to perform her duties and functions as senator, a mandate she received from more than 14 million Filipinos who voted for her in 2016.

In the face of her four-year ordeal, she has never shown weakness. She bravely continues to call out the administration's inadequacy and speak out on issues that matter to the Filipino people.

Fierce and unyielding, Senator Leila de Lima is a leader and a fighter we need today.

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