Press Release
July 28, 2021

'Lockdown without food aid are meds on empty stomach'

First, government should listen to scientists, the ones who matter. Join them in making the prescription. Just be mindful that if lockdown is the cure, then like any medicine, an overdose can be lethal.

It is all about the right dosage and duration. It should go with ayuda, which is a good painkiller.

Kahit naman anong gamot must be partnered with good nutrition. Lockdown without food aid is like taking meds on an empty stomach.

The ways and the means of how it will reach the most vulnerable will be a challenge. But government must be seen extending a helping hand. It cannot put up checkpoints without setting up safety nets.

At kung ano man ang madesisyunan, ipaliwanag sa sambayanan. The President should address the nation—primetime, not late night, frank, brief, inspiring, straight to the point, rallying the country to the good fight that must be won.

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