Press Release
September 3, 2021

Statement of Sen. Juan Miguel F. Zubiri on the Moderna Vaccine's FDA Approval for Kids Aged 12-17

I want to thank FDA Chief Eric Domingo for their quick action in giving emergency use approval for the Moderna vaccine on kids aged 12 to 17. We now have Moderna and Pfizer vaccines that we could tap when we start opening up our vaccination program with this age group. It's been so terrifying, seeing the newer strains of the virus striking more and more children, so this approval is fantastic news. We will be able to have one more layer of protection for our kids, apart from the current health protocols that we are enforcing. Hopefully this move will not just protect our children, but also help us reach herd immunity more quickly. My appeal now is for the IATF to allow our children ages 12 to 17 to get vaccinated. As a parent, and for all the parents in our country, we hope they will heed our request.

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