Press Release
September 8, 2021


The Philippine Red Cross (PRC) set up an emergency tent last April 2021 after receiving reports of patients dying outside the hospital building during the COVID-19 surge. As a result, the hospital exceedied the critical level of 70% of new COVID-19 cases in the National Capital Region.

PRC Chairman and CEO Sen. Dick Gordon immediately deployed two emergency field hospitals to the Lung Center of the Philippines and National Kidney Transplant Institute to serve as extensions to the hospital catering to mild to moderate COVID-19 cases.

"We are at war against COVID-19. The healthcare system in the NCR plus region is challenged due to the increasing cases of covid-positive individuals. Through the emergency field hospitals of the Red Cross, we help serve more patients needing immediate healthcare," according to Chairman Gordon.

PRC deployed 108 tents in total, serving more than 32,194 patients needing immediate healthcare.

According to Sen. Dick Gordon, these emergency tents are equipped with medical equipment such as oxygen tanks, ECG machine, PPV and Intubation set, Automated External Defibrillator, and other basic ward facilities that make PRC always ready in every situation where help is needed.

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