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October 5, 2021

Dela Rosa: Hindi sila "Gwardiya lang", 52-year old Private Security Law needs revision

SENATOR Ronald "Bato" Dela Rosa has sought the immediate passage of a bill that would strengthen the regulation of private security services industry and level up the professionalism among security guards and professionals.

Dela Rosa sponsored on Wednesday Senate Bill No. 2423 (SBN 2423), or the Private Security Services Industry Act, which would repeal the 52-year old Republic Act No. 5487, or the Private Security Agency Law.

"We have witnessed countless changes to the private security industry, enough to convince us that the prevailing law is simply no longer responsive to the signs of the times. Here, then, we see the first reason for the passage of this measure; there is a need to update the law and to ensure that it accounts for the real situation of our private security professionals," he said.

SBN 2423 provides for the professionalization and training of private security professionals and security guards by mandating that a License to Exercise Private Security Profession (LESP) shall be granted only to those who have undergone the Pre-Licensing Training Program.

It also provides for a ladderized training and education for security professionals to enhance their knowledge and skills, as well as give them a chance for promotion.

To strengthen the private security services industry, the proposed measure provides for an explicit process of registration and licensing of private security agencies, as well as stricter penalties for violations of rules.

Dela Rosa said SBN 2423 also seeks to correct and stop the wrong and degrading reference by some people to security guards as "gwardiya lang," a grievance raised by security guard Archie Paray, who, in March 2020, held hostage several people inside the Greenhills Shopping Center. The hostage crisis lasted for ten hours.

"And while we do not condone the criminality of his act, we cannot help but feel for him. Ang pinakamasakit ay iyong sinabi niya, noong pinapaliwanag niya kung bakit niya nagawa ang nasabing krimen, hindi raw maayos ang pagtrato at pangangalaga sa kanila, 'dahil kami siguro gwardiya lang.' 'Gwardiya lang.' This is exactly the kind of orientation that this measure seeks to correct...A security guard, like all other security providers, is a professional, and must be treated as such," Dela Rosa said.

He said it's about time that the private security services industry be given importance and timely support because its security guards and professionals are dependable partners of the police in ensuring and maintaining peace and order in communities.

Dela Rosa said the contributions of security guards to society have become even more evident and needed during these trying times of the pandemic.

"Security guards are frontliners and heroes in their own right. They are not only the first line of defense of workers and employees against possible lawless elements, but have also evolved into a support system in our country's fight against COVID-19. Security guards prevent not only intrusion by unauthorized persons but also the spread of the deadly virus. They are our valiant gatekeepers. This legislative measure is about them," the Mindanaoan senator said.

He added,"Gaya ng ating mga healthcare workers, nasa unahan ng laban ngayong pandemya ang ating mga security guards. Napapanahon na para magpasa ng isang batas na magpapabuti ng kanilang kalagayan. Thru this law, those who keep us safe and secured will have a future safe and secure."

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