Press Release
October 5, 2021

Dispatch from Crame No. 1157:
Sen. Leila M. de Lima on the House's kangaroo version of the Pharmally inquiry


The House cover-up of the 10 billion Pharmally heist only proves that the conspiracy goes way much higher than Michael Yang and former PS-DBM Usec. Christopher Lloyd Lao.

Let us only ask this simple question: who in government has the power to convince a whole House Committee to rubber stamp PS-DBM's and Pharmally's version of the story? And why would he go to such an extent of involving a whole House Committee to lead the whitewash in the plunder of COVID-19 funds in Congress?

Only one person appears to be responsible for this. He is the same person who had practice in using Congress for his sham proceedings when he had the whole House Committee on Justice conduct a kangaroo investigation on the Bilibid drug trade in order to silence my own investigation on EJKs. Of course, he is none other than Duterte.

Hindi pa nakuntento sa kanyang weekly Talk to the People, dinamay pa niya ang Kongreso sa pagwalis sa dumi ng Pharmally scandal.

This is the first time that a house of Congress has directly undermined a witness's testimony made in the other house by fostering the recantation of same witness' testimony in its own proceedings.

Napakagaspang. Napakagarapal. Ginagawa ng bobo ng House ang taumbayan at ipinapahiya nila ang buong Kongreso para lamang ipagpatuloy ang pagsipsip nila sa naghihingalong rehimen ni Duterte. Pera ng taumbayan ang kinulimbat, pero mas ninais pa nilang pagtakpan ang krimen ng mga Davao boys ni Duterte.

After all that was uncovered in the Senate hearings, it is already impossible to still fool the people with such a crass show of witness tampering. The Filipino people already know what house of Congress is conducting an honest-to-goodness legitimate inquiry, and what house is staging a kangaroo version of the same inquiry. ###

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