Press Release
November 11, 2021

Dispatch from Crame No. 1174:
Sen. Leila M. de Lima on the Davao City Hall Staff involved in Drugs and Allowed to Escape


I read with disgust the news report that the City Hall staff of Mayor Sara Duterte and her companions were allegedly allowed to escape during the anti-drug operation of PDEA in a beach resort in Davao de Oro last Nov. 6.

Hindi pa natatapos ang Pharmally corruption scandal na sangkot ang mga tao ni Duterte, tapos heto na naman at sangkot sa droga ang tao ng mga Duterte.

In this incident we see again the true face of this drug war. It intently kills the poor, mostly targets small players, allows big-time drug lords to escape, and exempts from arrests people close to the Dutertes. And let me add--it locks up in jail and innocent person (that's me!).

A real "War on Drugs", which does more than just target and abuse the powerless, and political enemies, will allow the investigation to proceed so the people can discover the answer to these very concerning questions: Why was a staffer of Mayor Sara present during a party where drugs were present, being used, passed around and peddled? How much did she know about the drug activity in the gathering she was present at before she was allegedly allowed to leave? Why was she allowed to leave? Where do law enforcement agents get the discretion to pick and select who to detain and arrest following a raid?

O ganito nga talaga ang "War on Drugs" ni Duterte?

The Filipino people deserve answers.

O dahil nag-resign na itong si Jefry Tupas, off the hook na siya at mga kasama niya?

Kung ganun, wala talagang aasahang rule of law sa mga Duterte kapag sila at mga tao nila ang sangkot.

Ang totoo at tapat na "War on Drugs" ay iyong walang kinikilingan at walang sinasanto, kahit bata pa ni Mayor.

Given the events of the last 5 and a half years, I am no longer surprised that many in the circle of the Duterte family have links to drugs. What never fails to surprise and disgust me is their continued play-acting as if the public doesn't know who they really are. Bistado na kayo! ###

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