Press Release
December 11, 2021

Dispatch from Crame No. 1,186:
Sen. Leila M. de Lima on Prosecutor's Opposition to her Motion to shoot for campaign materials


The last thing I expected on Human Rights Day is an opposition from the 13-member DOJ Panel of Prosecutors to our Motion filed with the court on the video and audio recording of my campaign materials.

They are saying that I cannot produce materials for my campaign even if these are taken inside prison.

I have not yet been adjudged guilty. In fact, I was already acquitted in one case, while the two other cases have now been delayed for trial for two years since the start of the pandemic. Meanwhile, my application for bail is in limbo precisely because the trial of my cases has been suspended indefinitely.

The DOJ says that I am asking for special treatment and that the fact of my being charged already sets me below the standards reserved by society for upright citizens.

This is the height of prosecutorial persecution being perpetrated by the DOJ Panel of Prosecutors. I am already at a disadvantage as it is, campaigning from jail due to the fake charges and evidence fabricated by the DOJ, only to be further prevented from recording materials for my legitimate bid for re-election.

Why then does the law allow me to run for re-election? There is no law that prohibits my campaign. I am not asking for freedom to campaign outside of prison. That the DOJ would oppose a simple request for the taking of campaign video and audio inside prison is plain proof of an unfair election practice being perpetrated by the government, especially now that Duterte is also vying for a senatorial post.

Sobrang takot na ba ni Duterte na pati simpleng pagkuha ng video para sa kampanya ko ay pinapabawal niya sa DOJ? ###

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